Local food and regional delicacies are no doubt the highlight of the trip for many travellers. From fresh seafood to juicy fruit and succulent meat, here we introduce some of the Eastern Japan's top treats!


Rice Products (Rice, sake, senbei)

Due to the delicious rice that Niigata produces, rice-derived products such as sake (rice wine) and senbei (rice crackers) are also well-known. Niigata is the top producer of sake in Japna. (#2 is Nagano.)

Kiwami Sushi

As Niigata is famous for both rice and fish, when you put them together you get delicious sushi! Kiwami sushi is a dish that features 10 pieces of sushi made of premium seafood items like sea urchin, fatty tuna, salmon roe, and local / seasonal fish.


Shinshu Soba

The Shinshu region is well-known for its soba (buckwheat noodles), as buckwheat grows well in high, cool climates. Shinshu soba is also said to be one of the most delicious in Japan!


Kiritanpo (pounded rice sticks)

Due to its high snowfall, Akita produces quality rice. Kiritanpo is made by pounding rice, wrapping it around a cedar stick and toasting over a warm fire. You can eat it after it has been toasted, or as part of nabe (hotpot) with tasty soup.


Hinaijidori is local chicken from the Hinai area in Akita, with lean and tasty meat! It is famous as ekiben (lunch box to eat on trains), so grab one to go and eat it on your train ride!



Aomori is the top producer of apples in Japan!


Nokkedon is a DIY seafood rice bowl, in which you can choose your own toppings from the wide selection of seafood from the market! Aomori is famed for scallops, squid and Oma tuna, so be sure to try them!



Gyutan (beef tongue) is a famous dish of Sendai, where you can find chain restaurants in the train station complex as well as all around the city. Best eaten freshly grilled, don’t miss out on trying this tasty and chewy dish!


Located by the sea, Miyagi Prefecture is famous for its oysters, especially the Matsushima area. Don’t miss the all-you-can-eat grilled oyster buffets (~2,500JPY for 45-min)!


Yonezawa Beef

Tied for #3 of Japan’s top 3 beef brands (#1 Kobe Beef, #2 Matsusaka Beef), Yonezawa Beef is a must-try for beef lovers!


Cherries are Yamagata’s most famous export. Yamagata produces nearly 70% of Japan’s cherries. June is the best season to go cherry-picking.

Morioka ~3 Great Noodles~

Wanko Soba

Wanko Soba is a challenge not for the faint-hearted! Soba is served in bite-sized portions, and youtry to eat as much as you can, without stopping. 15 portions = 1 regular bowl of soba. Try to hit 100 and you'll get a special wooden certificate! The record is 550 bowls, held by a lady from Morioka. The average man can eat ~80, while the average woman ~60.


Reimen is cold translucent noodles, with a slightly spicy broth, often served with a piece of watermelon or pear. Pair it with barbeque / grilled meat for a delicious dinner!


Jajamen is a black-bean noodle similar to Chinese zhajiangmian and Korean jajangmyeon.