Name FruiTea Fukushima
Debut April, 2015
Section Koriyama ↔ Kitakata (regular)
Koriyama ↔ Sendai (winter)
Prefecture Fukushima Prefecture

Hop on board the "Travelling Café" train, FruiTea Fukushima, and enjoy specially crafted desserts and beverages made from seasonal fruits from Fukushima - the orchard of Japan! Fukushima produces much of Japan's fruits, including apples, peaches, pears and grapes. The travel package consists of 2 fruit tarts/cakes (per person) made with locally produced fruits, as well as fruit tea, coffee and fruit juice.

*This train CANNOT be ridden for free with the JR East Pass. It is only sold as a travel package comprising of meal + train fare.


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