Debut October, 2008
Section Hachinohe ↔ Kuji
Prefecture Aomori / Iwate Prefecture

The Tohoku Emotion is a fine-dining restaurant train, where travellers can enjoy the menu crafted from plentiful local Tohoku ingredients while gazing at the sea off the Sanriku Coast. The going train serves a 4-course lunch made with local Tohoku ingredients, featuring all-you-can-drink for beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). The returning train serves a dessert buffet. The train is made up of 3 carriages - ① open dining with some seats facing the window for a stunning view of the coastline, ② a live kitchen where you can watch the chef prepare your meal, and ③ private dining compartments perfect for small groups.

*This train CANNOT be ridden for free with the JR East Pass. It is only sold as a travel package comprising of meal + train fare.


Floor Layout

Timetable and Operation Calendar